I hope this is the beginning of a journey together which will take an open and  honest look at how followers of Jesus can enjoy more fully the freedom which should invigorate our daily lives.  The artistic theme above is light shining through the dome of St. Peter’s, freeing hands bound by the darkness of unfreedom.            I am a practicing and joyful Roman Catholic priest with an earned doctorate in theology and many years of service in parishes, theological education, pastoral formation, and spiritual counseling.  In time, we will look at many significant, current and, at times, controversial issues — situating them in light of the freedom God wants for each of us.

     To do so, each of us must go beyond what can keep us in slavery — ideology, personal history, intellectual pride, inadequate notions of obedience, passivity or arrogance, conformity, complacency, false humility, defensiveness, and possibly much more.  I urge your “Comments” at any time, once the think/pray process has formulated your thoughts.   We are in this together, and that is why I will always  remain anonymous.  Our theme is Jesus’ “the truth will set you free”.  My confidence is not in who I am or who you are — but that something might be said by either one of us that leads to a deeper appreciation of the truth.  Do not attempt to limit or color what I say by guessing at who I am.  I feel free to deny any involvement even if you do.  Let my and your words speak for themselves, whether we like them or not.  To God be the glory if our search proves to be of value. 

The next Post will appear on June 2; the Final Post (#85) will be on June 16, 2014.


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. thank you for your wonderful insight & suggestions! i especially liked the one about family!
    i plan on sharing this blog info with those i believe would benefit from your thoughts.
    God’s blessings on those who read & hopefully can be transformed. peace

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